Set of 5

The handy pack of 5 XL650-5 line laser for tabletop games is perfect for distributors, gaming fans and bargain hunters.

Picotronic laser X650-SET
The handy set of XL650-5 line laser, XC650-5 cross laser and XD650-1 dot laser for tabletop games is perfect for all gaming fans who love flexibility. The new laser set containing three laser modules (point, line and cross laser XD650-1, XL650-5, and XC650-5) is the perfect visual aid for all true tabletop fans and therefore a valuable aid for a fair and exact gameplay. The lasers are each packaged in a compact, sturdy metal tin and fits comfortably in any figure case. Regardless of whether orcs, demons, undead or hobbits are fighting, the lasers XD650-1, XL650-5n and XC650-5 illuminate the entire table perfectly and are also clearly recognizable in bright ambient light. They can be used safely thanks to laser class 1 and 2 - you can use them without hesitation and without any legal requirements. Three replacement packs with batteries and the sturdy metal box for safe storage at tournaments, competitions or at home complete the package. Beyond this series you can also get the premium green laser XL520-5. Made for Tabletop games Laser Class 2 With battery Compact size Set of 3 laser modules Set besteht aus einem Punktlaser, Linienlaser und Kreuzlaser Perfekte Sichthilfe für alle echten Tabletop Fans Die Laserlinie leuchtet den kompletten Tisch perfekt aus und ist auch bei hellem Umgebungslicht genau zu erkennen. Die Laser jeweils in einer stabilen Metalldose verpackt und passen bequem in jeden Figurenkoffer. Jede Metalldose enthält zusätzlich 3 Ersatzpacks mit Batterien. delivery content Linienlaser XL650-5, Kreuzlaser XC650-5, Punktlaser XD650-1, Im Lieferumfang sind 24 Batterien vom Typ LR44 enthalten. Main Data EAN: 4055132012939 Warranty: 1 years customs tarif number: 90132000000 Technical Parameters Lifetime: > 3,000 h Operating Temperature: -20°C - 50 °C Storage Temperature: -40°C - 80 °C Optical Parameters Optical Power: 5 mW Laser Class: 2 Divergence: H - 1.0 mrad Size of Laserdot: <3mm@1m Line Thickness: <1.2mm@1m Operating Distance: 1 m Optics: acryl lense Laser technology: diode Focus: fixed (1000mm) Electrical Parameters Potential of Housing: VDD(+) Operating Voltage: 3 - 4.5 V DC Operating Current: 20 mA Mechanical Parameters Size: Ø15x68 mm Material: aluminium Output Aperture: 6 mm Housing Color: black Weight: 80 g Shop+Web delivery content: Linienlaser XL650-5, Kreuzlaser XC650-5, Punktlaser XD650-1, Im Lieferumfang sind 24 Batterien vom Typ LR44 enthalten.

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